"I developed Mineralgia
for the patients of my
wellness practice, with the
goal to provide safe, everyday
relief from acute and chronic
pain in order to facilitate
whole-body healing."

To your good health,
Dr. Brigitte Rozenberg
Chiropractor, Los Angeles

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Immediate relief from back pain, joint pain, sprains, sore muscles, arthritis, minor injuries

•  Clean natural scent; no synthetic fragrance
•  Light medicinal camphor and menthol scent fades quickly
•  Moisturizing, silky-smooth formula absorbs instantly
•  Light and non-greasy cream
•  Paraben-free
•  Vegan and Gluten-free
•  No animal testing
•  Formulated by doctors
•  Made in USA in FDA-approved facility
•  Tested and Complies with FDA OTC Pain Relief Monograph

A customized blend of 98 percent plant-based ingredients:

•  Heals with Magnesium and salts from the Dead Sea
•  Relieves pain with Camphor and Menthol
•  Helps stimulate circulation with Arnica Montana
• Soothes, calms, moisturizes, heals, and relaxes muscles
with natural essential oils: Aloe Vera, Avocado, Chamomile,
Eucalyptus, Evening Primrose, Lemongrass, Lavender,
Mandarin, Olive, and Kiwi