Try the 5-day Mineralgia Sample Pack Try the 5-day Mineralgia Sample Pack


Elevate Your Healthcare Office

Elevate Your Healthcare Office

Hey chiropractors, are you tired of using those nasty, smelly, sticky creams in your office that really make it look very cheap?

If you have an elevated office and if you want your office to be elevated, you need to use elevated products. Mineralgia pain relief cream is your product.

It's a topical cream. You can use it in the office on your patient when you're doing your treatment, after an adjustment, or after physiotherapy treatment, or before, and you can always have samples. 

We have sample packets available with an informative sample box display, Mineralgia On-The-Go. They're going to love you for that. At Spinatomy we apply it on it on every patient after treatment.  And they love us for it.

Try it, you're going to love it!

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